Thursday, 30 April 2015

Evaluation: Question 3 part 1

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

We showed the music video to four people. Two were of our target audience age and the other were of an older generation - to experiment with various ages. As expected, the two younger girls enjoyed the video and surprisingly so did the older couple. Everyone understood the narrative and found the video amusing. This goes to show how our video can attract a wide range of audiences with it being of a comedy genre, whether you like superheroes/comic books or not. Our original idea was going to be a lot more realistic, dramatic and go with a much slower song, however, instead we changed it to a comedy genre which overall ended up more successful as it appeals to a wider audience. The super hero scenes are deliberately bad to make it more comical - with inspiration from batman 1966 - and this can technically be seen as more realistic as super heroes are not real, therefore this style of film is more believable and relatable to the audience. The main criticism we got from our audience feedback was that there should have been more school/comic scenes, to help the narrative flow better. However, this was not possible due to casting issues and it was a shame we couldn't add more of the main narrative to our video, but it could not be helped.

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