Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pitch for my magazine

My magazine will be targeted at those with a taste for metal music (mainly a heavier genre of metal). My primary audience will be older teens to young adults who have an interest in heavy or in some cases more 'gothic' artists or bands. My secondary audience could possibly be those of an older generation who still prefer that type of music and enjoy reading about it.

I will take numerous photographs (both single and group shots) and will display them on a front cover, contents page and magazine article using Photoshop. My models will be in gothic dress to compliment the overall theme of my magazine. My front cover will have a female model who the article will be based on.

To help me develop some ideas I will be analysing other music magazines and adding some of the techniques used into my own work. i will also produce a questionaire to collect other peoples opinions about what they think would make a good magazine. This will help me to figure out a suitable layout.