Monday, 18 November 2013

Analysing Questionnaire Results

The questionaire was filled in by 30 people at random. My results show that the majority of those were male - however, the numbers were close to being equal. The highest age range was the 13-18 group. The majority of those who took part in this questionaire either sometimes buy music magazines or never buy them at all. This will most likely be because of the use of the internet and various sites that withhold the same information given in magazines, but for free. I should take that into account and make links between my magazine and the internet in order to gain a bigger audience. I shall achieve this by advertising things such as twitter/ facebook pages on the magazine itself.

The results show that a female model on the front cover of my magazine will be a more popular choice, therefore I will try posing my models in the ways that were analyzed by Marjorie Furguson.
Finally, the data now gives my magazine a name: 'Ethereal,' as thst was proven the most popular out of the four names provided on the questionaire.

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