Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I Don't Wanna Be Me - Type O Negative (music video)

I decided to have a closer look at the music video 'I don't wanna be me' by Type O Negative as it is more of a humorous music video compared to those I have analysed. It lacks narrative but we basically are shown a character dressing up in many different costumes of well known people/identities. The way it is done is quite simplistic as it is mainly long shots of the character in front of a backdrop messing around and acting in a funny manner for comical purposes. Ii think for our own music video we could do something similar, however out character(s) will be in superhero/villain outfits rather than celebrities as shown in this music video. Near the end of the video the character dresses up as the lead singer and takes over the performance element along with the other band members. This linked the two elements together nicely and also added to the comical aspect of the video.

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