Friday, 14 November 2014

New Brief for music video

We have made a lot of alterations to our original idea for a music video: including number of characters and storyline, but we have kept to the idea of the super hero fantasy, however this time around we will aim for it to be funny. This is our new brief of our ideas.

Our music video will consist of two main characters, a singer and some extras. One character will be a very exaggerated stereotypical 'nerd' whereas the other will be a bully. We will show clips of the conflict between both characters within school (some humorous). The 'nerd' will be shown to have a great interest in comic books and will be shown reading and even creating his own comic strips and characters. During this constant isolation and bullying, he will begin designing his own super hero persona, as well as a villain based on the bully. The drawings will take up the frame and will change from a drawing to real life film - showing his imagination in action (we will use filters to differentiate between the imagination and real life). We will switch between reality and his imagination (what we see in the drawings - the hero defeating the villain). Eventually the 'nerd' will become infatuated with this idea of being a powerful superhero and attempt to make it a reality. He will dress up as his persona, however it does not compare to his fantasy and ends up looking very strange and silly (for comedy purposes we will have many clips of him acting stupid). The bully will be filled with confusion as this character attempts to 'defeat' him, and eventually walks away. The 'hero' then believes this is his victory.

We will create a story board to show all of this in much more detail so we know exactly what we need to film and where. We will also need to film parts for our performance element of the music video which will be quite simple as we will mainly be focusing on the narrative.

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